Incendiary Brewing Company was founded by M. Brandon Branscome and John I. Bacon.  Both Brandon and John are local guys raised in Winston-Salem.  After graduating from North Forsyth High School, both earned business degrees from University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  While at UNCG in 1997, Brandon and John brewed their first batch of beer; a failed attempt at a brown ale.  As college students pouring out two cases of beer was heart-breaking.  The internet was just coming online around this time period and sadly, there was just not a lot of information available about homebrewing, and the dream went dormant. 

Over the years, there were a couple more stints with homebrewing, each more successful than the last.  But in 2013, the friends found themselves neighbors and the interest rekindled.  Armed with mounds of information the two brewers began again, having much more success.  Beyond satisfying their own interests and that of their friends and neighbors, the two began entering homebrew competitions.  With immediate success, awards began shipping.  Some of the accolades include first place finishes for American IPA, Wood Aged Beer, and Spiced Beer (the key categories of beers Incendiary Brewing Company plans to begin producing).  Their most prestigious award  is first place in IPA Category of the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing 2016, a national competition beating out approximately 450 other IPAs.  While neither had previous notions about starting a brewery, the success in competition and encouragement of those who tasted their beers led them to begin considering the idea.